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Design Tips for hotel signage that adds value to the brand

Mrs. Vana Koulantaki, Creative Department Manager of Βratti Hotel Signage, gives us design tips for hotel signage

1. Why is hotel signage important?

The identity and aesthetics of a hotel are reflected in its logo and signage. It is the first impression the hotel visitor will have and is very important for their experience. In addition, signage also has a functional role for the correct provision and transmission of information to hotel guests. More specifically, the signs direct and inform about the hotel's facilities, the areas in the hotel, the emergency exits, etc. Therefore, the more correctly we study and design the signs of a hotel, the more functional they will be for customers and for its staff.

2. How the font or the texts of a signage are selected?

There are thousands of fonts and each one has its own character. Choosing the perfect font is a key element of signage design for any hotel. One typeface can communicate a modern style, while another can exude classic charm and credibility. At Bratti Hotel Signage we choose the perfect font that represents the hotel based on its concept design and corporate identity.

3. What is the basic stage in the Signage Study and where does the design concept focus?

The initial and most basic stage in a Signage Study is the design concept. After all, the beginning is half of everything and every hotel is a challenge for us. We work directly with the graphic and interior designers of the hotel, who send us logos, brand manuals & interior designs. Taking these into account, our specialized team forms an opinion on the style of the hotel in order to plan the design concepts. A second factor that helps in designing the concept is the location, culture and history of the place where the hotel is located.

4. What do you think are the key points you take into account for the correct specification of a signage?

  • The signs must be completely in harmony with the unique aesthetics of the accommodation, so that they do not seem out of place but are part of its overall design.

  • Infrastructure signs should be visible at every point of the accommodation, so as to inform travelers immediately, in case they are looking for a specific infrastructure.

  • To take into account different uses but also the uniqueness of each area and to make the necessary modifications, both in the size and in the design of the signs.


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