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bratti - η εταιρεία μας - σήμαση από το 1969


Bratti was founded in 1969 by Spyros and Pοla Bratti, graduates of the Vakalo School. Visionaries and ambitious, they managed to stand out with their unique design and aesthetics, which established them as pioneers in signage.

The company has been evolving and growing for more than 50 years, aiming to remain the leading choice in professional signage in Greece. In addition, since 2003, we have been strengthening our presence in international markets with consistency and strategic planning, further supporting the company's growth.

In recent years, bratti has specialized in the field of Hotel Signage, providing a full range of services and products. Whether it is a boutique hotel or a resort of hundreds of rooms, the signage Study is a particularly important project and has the main objective of successfully providing and transmitting information and contributes to the upgrade of the overall image of the hotel.


The values and philosophy of Bratti are based on the long-standing trusting relationships we have developed over the years with our customers and partners. Our main goal is to provide a high quality level of service by embracing new trends and technologies, as well as direct communication with our clients through a personalized and customized service.

σήμανση - bratti
bratti owners - ernestos bratis & giannis bratis

Our compass is our vision. That’s how we become better.

Our passion for our work, our expertise, and our innovative services have been creating unique works of art for over 50 years, remaining your top choice for professional signage solutions.

We are evolving and growing in order to offer you high quality and value to your project with the aim of establishing Bratti in Greece and abroad.​

- Yiannis Brattis & Ernestos Brattis

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