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Bratti is the largest company in Greece in the field of signage and corporate identity implementation for banks throughout Greece, the Balkans and Cyprus. Our projects include signage in:

  • Bank Main Buildings

  • Network of Bank Branches

  • ATMs

Throughout the cooperation with each banking organization, the services and products offered by bratti are of high quality, from the initial signage design stage to the completion of the implementation of the signs, as part of the support of the signage systems.

Bratti is the only company that undertakes projects of such a large scale, covering networks of up to 700 stores, which it implements exclusively with its own technicians, thus ensuring excellent quality and aesthetic results. 

To date, in its 50 years of operation, bratti has worked with more than 20 banks and has implemented signage systems in more than 3,500 stores. It has undertaken 14 pilot projects in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus, in which it was responsible for the design, manufacture, distribution, installation and maintenance of the signs throughout the bank's branch network over a number of years. ​

In addition, in 8 of these pilot projects, we have undertaken the design of the corporate identity, the signage study, and the design of additional special constructions, such as ATM investments, projection and service promotion systems, etc.


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