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Illuminated signs that impress

Bratti has new technology illuminated signs with LED lamps with minimum electricity consumption and without the need for maintenance of the electrical equipment after its installation.

Illuminated signs are an impressive element and significantly enhance the identity of a hotel. Their biggest advantage is the fact that they are clearly visible even from a long distance.

Custom Illuminated Signs

Technology allows us the usage of many and different materials and techniques, so that we can design custom signs according to the aesthetics and design of the hotel.

The illuminated indoor and outdoor signs are extremely thin with a thickness of only 10mm and LED lighting, which allows the choice of white color temperature (3000K, 6500K, 8000K). The lighting of the signs is possible in any material you choose: stainless steel, aluminum, glass, plexiglass, corian.

Illuminated signs have the ability to give an element of impressiveness to the hotel, significantly improving its design and at the same time creating a more intimate environment for guests. We can design and place illuminated signs in all important areas of a hotel.

The first image should impress

The hotel's central signage is one of the most important signs, significantly influencing the visitor's first impression. At the same time, during the night hours, it acts as an advertisement for the hotel because it is clearly visible from a long distance.

Easy to find rooms

Illuminated signs in the corridors create a more intimate atmosphere for guests, while also facilitating them by making it easier to find their rooms.

Invest properly in your hotel signage

Bratti has an excellent team of signage experts that can carry out the signage study, design, construction, and installation.

Depending on the category and the needs of each project, bratti's signage experts provide a comprehensive solution, while guaranteeing a top-tier result in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

We can create unique and quality signs for the accommodation according to your needs.

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