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New Project: Signage for the Stunning YI Hotel Mykonos

Bratti has successfully implemented the signage for the beautiful YI Hotel Mykonos. In this project, we collaborated with the operator SWOT, the construction company APAX, Genamic Consulting, the architectural office of Mr. Themistoklis Tziotzios, and the architectural office of Mr. Vangelis Stylianidis.

Our company undertook the Study and the Design of Sinange, the Construction and the Installation of the hotel's signs. The signage concept was based on the four elements of nature, which are key components of the brand and play a crucial role in the signage.

The strategic mapping of visitor flow was designed to facilitate access to all areas of the hotel, enhancing the visitor experience and increasing the sales of the hotel's facilities.

The material used for the hotel's signage is aluminum, which is ideal for the weather conditions of our islands and, with proper processing, has a very long lifespan.

The design of the signs focused on simplicity and discreet presence in the space.

Their shape is minimal, and their color is soft and friendly, ensuring they do not contrast sharply with the surroundings, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and timeless design.

The font is also simple and easy to understand, so visitors can easily read each sign's message.

The technique used in the construction of the signs was chosen for clear visual communication and long-lasting durability, without requiring maintenance or special attention to cleaning.

Each phase of the project was delivered on schedule, and the collaboration with all involved parties was excellent. We are delighted to have worked with everyone on this project.


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