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New Service: Engraved pool depth, easily and throughout!

Remember the pool depth signs we made for your hotel? Forget them!

Now we can carry out with a high technology engraving machine depth marking in any part of your pool.

Traditionally, most of the hotels choose simple pvc signs to indicate the depth of the pool and inform their guests. Over time and because pools are usually located outside, the specific signs tend to deteriorate. The result of this is their repeat purchase.

At bratti hotel signage we are interested in the absolute satisfaction of our customers, that's why we are constantly looking for the best signage solutions! With our innovative and high technology engraving machine we can guarantee the absolute durability of this particular type of signage.

Why to choose this signage solution?

Apart from the perfect aesthetic result you will have in your pool, there are also the following important reasons:

  • Engraving is a technique that stands up to time, chlorine and weather more than any other signage technique.

  • The engraving is done at your place taking into account the needs of each pool.

  • By engraving directly on the material that exists around the perimeter of your pool, you avoid any accident from the additional sign that we used to place on the floor.

So if your hotel closes for the winter season and won't have guests, it's the right time for signage engraving at your pool!

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