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Labels & Signsof Indoor/ Outdoor Spaces

The design of a hotel's signage contributes to the customer experience. It is important to create the right signage with correct specifications and to place them precisely where they are needed.

Bratti's hotel signage specialized team is by your side from the first stage, helping you to create an accommodation that will offer maximum functionality and high satisfaction to its guests.

Α. Outdoor Signage

• Central sign

• F&B and Facilities signs (Restaurant, spa etc.)

• Directional signs on roads and paths within the accommodation

• Directional signs in the area's road network

Β. Indoor Signage

• Rooms

• F&B and Facilities (Restaurants, Bar, Spa etc.)

• Common facilities (Toilets, lifts, staircases, etc.).

• Safety and emergency signage according to international standards


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